Window Air Conditioner Repair – Can You Put Freon In A Window Air Conditioner?

Exactly How to Put Freon in Window Air Conditioners

Window a/c units are utilized by many to cool apartments or condos, residences, Motor homes as well as offices. These devices make use of freon to develop awesome air. The freon is sent out through a secured tube, as well as must not go out. However, systems get old and can establish leaks. When this takes place, the device will need to be recharged by including freon.

Action 1
Inspect to see if the air blowing out of the device is chilly sufficient. If it feels as if it isn’t cooling down the method it made use of to, hold a thermostat as much as the unit as it is running. Wait a couple of mins for the thermostat to readjust. Look at the temperature level and also write it down. Additionally, examine the temperature level of the air being pulled into the system. Hold the thermometer to the front consumption for a few minutes. Compose this temperature down also.

Action 2
Calculate the difference between both numbers. If the difference is more than 20 levels, after that the air conditioner most likely just requires to be cleaned. If it is lower than 15, then it more than likely needs freon.

Step 3
Take the system out of the home window so that you can repair it. Reverse the panel on the unit with a screwdriver and situate the two lines going to the compressor.

Step 4
Select the bigger of the two lines. This is the tube to which you will require to include the freon. Affix a faucet shut off to the line by following the directions that included the shutoff.

Tip 5
Examine the determines to make sure they are off, and then affix the blue tube to the valve you just affixed as well as to the compound scale.

Step 6
Activate the ac system to “High” for a couple of mins, and after that attach the yellow tube to the freon container. Open the freon valve. Loosen the yellow tubing at the gauge for just a second and then tighten it back up. This will release air from the tube.

Step 7
Open up the shutoffs on the gauge to begin the circulation of freon. View the gauges as well as charge the system up until it reaches 70 psi. Shut off the evaluates and also freon, and afterward remove the tubes. When you eliminate the blue tube from the compressor tube where you inserted the shutoff, remember to shut the new valve.

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