Siding Repair – Can You Replace One Piece Siding?


Just How to Change Vinyl House Siding

A $5 device makes the job quick and simple.

Broken or damaged vinyl house siding is no factor for despair. A straightforward $5 device finishes the job in 15 mins. This short article likewise consists of some valuable pointers on exactly how to obtain the very best suit feasible for your original home siding.

Tools Required
Pry bar
Zip device

Products Required
Replacement exterior siding boards

Exactly how Do You Replace Vinyl Exterior Siding?
Plastic exterior siding is difficult however not indestructible. If a dropping branch or a well-hit baseball cracked a piece of your siding, don’t fret– you can make it as good as brand-new in about 15 mins with a zip device and a replacement piece. It’s as basic as unzipping the harmed item and breaking in a brand-new one.

The downside of replacing older plastic house siding is that it can be difficult to match the style as well as color, and also siding rarely has any kind of determining marks. The most effective way to obtain a substitute item is to take the busted item to plastic siding distributors in your location as well as locate the closest match.

If the old plastic has actually faded or you can’t find the appropriate shade, take the busted item to a paint store and also have the shade matched. Paint the substitute piece with one layer of top-notch acrylic guide complied with by acrylic home paint– acrylic paint will bend with the activity of the vinyl.

Project detailed
It’s ideal to repair vinyl in a cozy climate. In temperatures below freezing, it comes to be much less versatile and might split.

15 Min Plastic Siding Repair With a Zip Tool
Starting at one end of the harmed piece, press completion of the zip siding removal device up under the home siding till you feel it hook the bottom lip.

Glide the zip tool along the bottom edge to release the plastic home siding from the piece listed below it.
Pro idea: The vinyl exterior siding zip device will certainly conserve you lots of time.

Pull the zip device downward and also out to disconnect the bottom lip, after moving it along the edge, drawing the exterior siding out as you go.

After that unzip any kind of pieces above the harmed piece.

Eliminate Nails
Slide a level bar behind the plastic home siding and also bar out the nails.

Pro suggestion: Hold any type of items over the harmed piece out of the way with your joint while you pry out the nails that hold the damaged item in place.

Set Up New Siding
Move the substitute piece up into place, rising till the lower lip locks right into the piece below it.
Drive 1-1/4- in. roof nails via the nailing flange. Area them concerning every 16 inches (near the old nail holes).
Nail in the center of the nailing slot as well as leave around 1/32-in. of room in between the nail head and the home siding so the vinyl can move freely.

Pro suggestion: Don’t toenail the heads snugly or the home siding will certainly twist when it heats up.
With the new item nailed, make use of the zip tool to lock the upper item down over it.
Start at one end and draw the lip down, twisting the exterior siding removal device a little to compel the leading edge down.

Slide the zip device along, pushing in on the plastic just behind the home siding removal tool with your other hand so it breaks right into the area.
mount brand-new plastic siding

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