Replacing Roof On Mobile Home – How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof On A Mobile Home?

Answer: Mobile home roofing costs $1,000 to $3,000 to replace.

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A roofing system over is different from changing your roofing system. It’s cheaper, quicker, and doesn’t always require the aid of specialists (as long as you have the appropriate amount of experience, that is). To roof over a residence indicates you’re placing brand-new roof products over your existing roof covering. For this procedure to be effective, you must deal with any kind of problems to the existing roof initially.

Roofing over your mobile house goes along with a variety of benefits apart from visual allure. Including that extra layer to your roofing will assist enhance energy effectiveness throughout both the winter months and also summer season, and will aid your roof covering much better endure the aspects. This additional defense can additionally improve the resale value of your mobile home later.

There’s not one means to roof over your residence. Read listed below for a rundown of the 3 of the most popular products used in a DIY mobile house roofing system.

Roofing over your mobile home with metal is a popular alternative for many factors. One of the terrific advantages of dealing with metal is that you do not need to eliminate any kind of components of the initial roofing system before you mount. (Simply make certain all leaks and also damages are fixed in advance.) Many steel roof covering sets additionally have a service warranty of 40-60 years, which eliminates any maintenance you’d have to complete on your end.

It’s likewise easier to add insulation if you’re collaborating with steel. This included insulation will certainly not just keep your residence warm yet likewise conserve you a whole lot of money in energy costs later. We suggest purchasing a metal roofing set that’s packed with insulation as those are quite usual.

In addition to being very easy to collaborate with, steel roofs can add worth to your mobile home. This is mainly as a result of the fact that steel roofing packages come at a higher ahead-of-time price. Insulated steel items can set you back around $3,000-$ 4,000 for a single-wide or $7,800-$ 8,000 for a double-wide, according to CostHelper. Several mobile homeowners agree to pay even more as steel roofing is understood to last longer and also far better protect your home from the components.

Metal roofing


TPO represents thermoplastic polyolefin. It is a single-ply reflective roof covering membrane with three layers

TPO polymer base, a polyester-reinforced material center (scrim), as well as a polycarbonate polyolefin intensified leading ply.

This product is known for its reflective property. Mobile houses with TPO can reduce home heating expenses during the warmer months as TPO roofing does effective work at mirroring heat. The most common type comes in white, though TPO can be found in various other shades that have the exact same reflective property.

One of the greatest advantages of TPO is the convenience of setup. While it’s easier stated than done, a PTO roofing system can be completed in a solitary day by simply rolling it onto the roofing system. Many people like this product as it can fit on a range of different roof covering kinds as well as dimensions.

See to it to talk to your neighborhood experts to see if a membrane roof covering is the right option for you. While this choice has numerous upsides, some have hypothesized over just how well PTO handles heat. And since it’s a reasonably brand-new choice, there are still concerns surrounding the longevity of the product.

CostHelper estimates you’ll pay around $1,175– $2,295 in products for a single-wide and also $1,595– $3,610 for a double-wide. While PTO is easier to install by yourself, you may wish to employ a professional depending upon your experience level.

Asphalt tile roofs are much less usual in the mobile home globe for a few reasons, one of the most apparent being the weight of the product. While asphalt roof shingles substantially boost the general look of your mobile home, you may be limited to including a single layer as the weight may confirm to be way too much.

However, mounting a single layer of shingles isn’t suggested as your roof will be much more prone to leakages as well as weathering. With concerns like these, you might locate your self spending more hours maintaining your residence if you don’t have an appropriate service warranty.

Despite these downsides, asphalt roof shingles still have some great benefits. They’re extremely easy to mount and can be quite economical. Expect to pay anywhere from $700– $2,000 for single-wides or $1,200– $4,000 for double-wides.


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