Mobile Home Floor Repair – Why Do Mobile Home Floors Rot?


Most problems with floors in floor repair mobile homes are caused by moisture getting into the floor from a roof leak or a worn-out vapor barrier underneath your mobile home that allows moisture to cause the wood sub-floor to rot and warp.

Most older mobile homes mobile use subfloors made of particle board which will bow, warp, and rot leaving soft spots on the floors.

Newer mobile homes now use high-grade plywood or OSB to withstand water much longer, but even this new wood must be kept dry. If you’re experiencing soft spots on the floors of your mobile home or bowing; repair it right away before it causes widespread damage. The floor joists and walls will be damaged as well, because of moisture from the floor.

Replacing mobile home floors is not a DIY job.

The old damaged mobile home floors must be torn out along with removing damaged trim. This leaves your entire home exposed to the elements under your home, so it needs to be closed up as soon as possible.

There are many specialty tools required and removing and replacing floors is always full of surprises that you probably won’t be prepared to deal with, such as dealing with damaged floor joists, plumbing pipes that need to be removed and replaced, and electrical wires, which can be dangerous.

When removing, replacing, and repairing mobile home floors, it’s also extremely important to make sure your floors stay level.

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