Handyman Siding Repair – What is A Vinyl Siding Starter Strip?

How to Set Up a Vinyl Exterior Siding Starter Strip

As its name implies, a starter strip is one of the first steps throughout the installment of plastic home siding. You connect the all-time low of the first row of house siding to the top of this starter strip. For the staying plastic house siding panels to be mounted appropriately as well as degrees, starting with the most affordable row, you need to mount the starter strip correctly. Keep in mind to ensure the sheathing is smooth prior to you applying the house siding so the exterior siding can be smooth additionally.

Step 1
Find the lowest feasible edge that has sheathing. Hold a measuring tape against the outside wall surface, as well as circumnavigate your house to find the most affordable corner.

Action 2
Action an area that is 1 1/2 inches above the bottom edge of the sheathing at this lowest point, making use of a tape measure. Mark the spot with a pencil.

Step 3
Drive a nail partially into the significant spot, making use of a hammer.

Step 4
Cover a string around the nail, and also run the string to the opposite corner of the wall surface. Use a degree to ensure the string is level, and also partly drive in a nail at the very same level as the very first nail, only on this corner. Make use of a hammer and also a nail. Repeat this procedure around every corner of the house.

Step 5
Prolong a chalk line from nail to nail. Break a chalk line in between the nails, functioning around the entire home.

Action 6
Step the sizes of within and outdoors corner articles of the walls, using a measuring tape.

Step 7
Make a dimension, utilizing the tape measure, permitting the size of the edge message, plus an added 1/4 inch, from the corner. Position the end of a starter strip at this moment. Place the leading edge of the starter strip along the chalk line.

Tip 8
Drive a nail in the facility of the starter strip’s toenailing slots, every 10 or 12 inches, making use of a hammer. Maintain the nail heads 1/32 inch, or concerning the density of a dollar, out from the plastic, as opposed to driving them in tight.

Step 9
Add added starter strip sections along the wall surface, and also around the whole residence, mounting nails likewise just like the first strip. Procedure as well as set up 1/4 inch voids between the ends of each strip, to allow for expansion, utilizing the measuring tape.

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