Exterior Siding Repair – How Do You Fix Outside Siding?

Exterior Siding Repair
Exterior Siding Repair

By the time you start buying supplies, you’ve probably spent as much on supplies and tools as on the siding. The siding is the easy part.

First, you have to decide how much siding you need. Does that depend on what you want to protect: the whole house or just the attic? If you just want the attic, you can choose the siding based on what color you want. But if you want to protect the whole house, you have to think about how much protection you need.

There are several methods. One is to use two layers of siding. This is the most expensive, but the most durable. It also looks better.

Second, you can use “peel and stick” siding. This comes in long strips that are easy to cut to fit, and are easy to attach with a staple gun.

Repairing a minor amount of damage to vinyl exterior siding is a fast job for a helpful house owner. The size of the hole affects the steps for how to fix an opening in vinyl exterior siding. The hardest part of the project will likely be locating a tinted caulk or new siding piece that matches your house color. You could need to visit an exterior siding dealer or contractor-supply store to find tinted home siding caulk. In this write-up, the home siding professionals at share detailed step-by-step directions for your job.

Taking care of a minor quantity of damage to vinyl siding is fast work for a handy house owner. The dimension of the hole influences the actions for how to deal with an opening in vinyl siding. One of the most challenging parts of the job will likely be finding a tinted caulk or brand-new exterior siding item that matches your residence color. You may need to go to a home siding dealer or contractor-supply store to discover tinted siding caulk. In this post, the siding specialists at PJ Fitzpatrick share described step-by-step directions for your job.

You might not require whatever on this supply listing when finding out exactly how to repair a hole in plastic house siding. The dimension of the hole establishes your approach to the job.

Exactly how to Take care of an Opening in Vinyl Siding
Colored house siding caulk or paintable exterior caulk
Outside paint in exterior siding shade
Energy blade or razor blade
Siding zip device
Foil tape
Item of substitute exterior siding
Construction adhesive
Ladder, if the hole is high on the wall surface

Fill up the hole to overflow with tinted or paintable caulk.
Let the caulk treatment be according to package instructions, usually a couple of days.
Cut the caulk flush with the siding.
Paint the caulk if you could not locate tinted home siding caulk in the appropriate shade.

Open the bottom of the damaged piece of house siding with a home siding zip device (located in the house improvement stores).
Attach foil tape efficiently across the back of the home siding over the hole.
Lock the house siding piece back into the area.
Spread out a slim layer of matching house siding caulk over the exposed aluminum foil tape.
Alternatively, paint the caulk if you could not get matching caulk.

Obtain a matching item of house siding. Preferably, you’ll have a few remaining items from the original exterior siding installment. Or else, look for a matching piece from a siding distributor.
Cut the replacement piece larger than the broken area.
Cut off the leading nailing strip on the replacement item.
Hold the substitute item over the damages. If you require to remove the bottom lip of the substitute item to make it fit, proceed as well as trim it off.
Completely affix the new piece over the damages with building and construction adhesive.

Extensive exterior siding damages or the existence of structural damages beneath the home siding will certainly take advantage of specialist focus. PJ Fitzpatrick has a long-established reputation for quality in exterior siding and also roofing in the Delaware Valley. Contact us today to assist with your house siding job.

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