The Cost of Home AC – How Much Does It Cost To Fix Home AC?

  • How much does it cost to fix home AC?

    Answer: According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost the repair an AC Unit in the United States is $336. The typical range is between $163-$520 while the high end of repairs can be as high as $1100. Certain types of repairs will also cost more than your average fix.

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    How Much Does An Ac System Cost?
    In this overview, we give information on a/c unit prices, sorts of systems, repair work, and also a description of what enters into AC system pricing.

    The air conditioning systems play an essential role in making your house comfortable during the warm months.

    Whether you stay in desert climates or high-humidity areas, including a cooling system in your home is a beneficial method to offer relief from the heat in the summer.

    Replacing your older system can also assist in saving you money on your power costs. As a matter of fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), more recent air conditioning unit designs use 30– 50% much less power than they did 30 to 40 years earlier. Also, 10-year-old a/c devices can consume 20– 40% more energy than older systems.

    The price of a/c can be broken down into the unit, installment, upkeep, as well as power bills. This Old Home Reviews Team has finished a thorough research study to offer average costs as well as offer you a general suggestion of what to expect. Rates can differ relying on a series of elements such as area, home size, building information, and also more.

    Types of Air Conditioners
    Choosing an air conditioner system involves extra choices than just a rate. Your home might require a certain type, or you may prefer one type over another based on your comfort. Maintain reviewing for details on the 5 most popular a/c and also their ordinary rates. If you still require assistance determining what is finest for your residence, enter your postal code listed below as well as connect with a neighborhood expert:

    Central Air
    Central a/c devices are one of the most popular ac units and also are discovered in millions of homes throughout the country. They extract air from the inside of your house, then press it with refrigerant in the outside condensing system. The remaining gas is then sent out through the condenser coils to be developed into a hot fluid. The brand-new liquid trips to the evaporator coils on the interior heating system and also changes into a cool vaporized gas. Fans, as well as centralized ductwork, disperse the air throughout your house.

    Purchasing a central air conditioning conditioner may be your ideal option if you currently have actually ductwork set up throughout your home. Depending on the size as well as other factors, complete typical expenses for these are commonly in between $2,500 as well as $7,000 including installation costs.

    Home Window AC Unit
    The procedure of cooling down air in a window air conditioning unit resembles a central one, yet on a much smaller sized scale. Home window AC units are only meant to cool down the space they’re put in, rather than the entire home. They feature followers that blow the cool air throughout the area, as well as, remove the hot air outside with the window.

    These devices are the least expensive on the market, and they generally do not need any kind of setup. You merely purchase it and also establish it up in your window within minutes. They’re marketed based upon power level with area size in consideration. Here are some examples of power levels in British thermal devices (BTUs) and also their connected square video footage:

    5,000– 8,000 BTU: 150– 350 square feet
    8,000– 12,000 BTU: 350– 550 square feet
    12,000– 18,500 BTU: 550– 1,050 square feet
    18,500– 25,000 BTU: 1,050– 1,600 square feet
    Home window air conditioning systems don’t commonly require expert installment, and a/c system expenses are as low as $150–$ 750.

    Ductless Mini-Split
    If your home doesn’t have any ductwork set up, mini-split a/c unit may be the very best means to go. It permits you to manage temperatures in each area of your home. An additional advantage of this kind is that it doesn’t use as much electricity and also needs only one power supply connection.

    Prices for these ac units can vary depending on the number of zones you require to condition. In other words, if you have a larger home, you’ll need to set up a couple of various interior systems, which can be pricey. Because of the varying costs, we estimate the total standard for devices and installment together to be anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000.

    Dual Gas
    Dual fuel systems resemble central air conditioners, using the coils on your indoor furnace system. The main difference is that they include heat pump modern technology to aid reduced the cost of your energy bill.

    Dual fuel systems are an excellent option for those staying in cooler states. It uses a gas heating system to help warmth your house throughout the wintertime when the temperature level goes down too reduced for the heat pump to run successfully. Nevertheless, it can also be helpful for cooling your residence by utilizing air-source warm from the heat pump to condense and evaporate the cool liquid in the air-distribution attributes of the heating system unit, blowing comfortable air throughout your home.

    The prices of double gas heat pump systems can differ relying on the size required for the residence. The total standard for the setup and also system drops between $4,000 and 8,000. Like geothermal heat pumps, these systems can save you money on your energy bill over time.

    Ac Unit Expenses by Type
    TypeUnit CostAC Installment Cost
    Central air conditioner$ 1,200–$ 4,500$ 1,200–$ 2,200.
    Home window AC unit$ 150–$ 750N/A *.
    Ductless mini-split$ 1,000–$ 5,500$ 500–$ 2,000.
    Geothermal$ 3,000–$ 6,000$ 10,000–$ 30,000.
    Dual fuel$ 2,800–$ 5,500$ 1,300–$ 2,500.
    * You can typically set up window a/c devices by yourself.


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