Air Conditioner Repair – How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Air Conditioner That Is Not Cooling?


If Your A/c Won’t Turn On Or Isn’t Air Conditioning, Attempt These Tips

Cooling and also cooling and heating units do not last permanently – 12 years is an average life expectancy– as well as the minute they fall short is typically when you require them the most.

The good news is that not every system malfunction spells total ruin. You might have the ability to fix the ac unit conveniently.

Below are a/c warning signs, what the cause might be, and also how to fix it.

My Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On
Feasible reason: Usually, the most likely offender is the easiest to treat: The thermostat isn’t set correctly, or power isn’t getting to the air conditioning device.

The fix: Make certain that the thermostat is set to a/c or “trendy,” that the temperature level setting is proper, which the battery is fresh. Second, inspect the breaker: It might merely be a stumbled fuse.

Cost: Free

It Does Not Seem To Cool as Well as It Utilized To
Feasible cause: If you aren’t comfy, the issue normally can be traced to problems with airflow.

The solution: Modification of the filter. (You must do this as part of routine a/c maintenance anyhow.) Depending on the quality of the filter, the number of individuals residing in your house, and also if there are animals, the filter ought to be changed every 30-60 days.

Outdoors, make certain there goes to the very least 24 inches of clearance on the sides as well as 5 feet in addition to the unit. Also, examine to make sure there are no obstructions to the house’s cool air returns as well as registers.

Cost: $5 to $20, depending on the filter.

My Utility Bills Are Extraordinarily High
Possible cause: A spike in operating costs generally signals ineffective procedure. After a dirty filter (indication # 2), one of the most likely wrongdoers is a choked condensing coil. Found within the outdoor system, the coil has many cooling fins– just like an auto radiator– that can build up dirt as well as debris.

The repair: Call out a pro for a spring tune-up.

Price: $75 to $150.

It Makes Weird Sounds.
Possible cause: Rattling, humming, or ticking? Fortunately is that the reason could be a little bit more than a loosened screw. The problem is that may be caused by a bottom blower electric motor (inside your home) or curved follower blade (outdoors).

The solution: If you’re lucky, a simple tightening up right here and also oiling there will certainly take care of the trouble. If not, you may call for a new fan electric motor or fan blade.

Cost: $75 to $150 for an inspection and also tune-up; $150 to $750 for a brand-new blower motor.

The AC Shuts Off or Turns On Ahead Of Time
Feasible cause: Incorrect positioning of the thermostat can damage one’s convenience. The system may be in straight sunlight, too close to a register, or near a hot stove. Likewise, a remodel could have you spending even more time where the thermostat is not.

The solution: Move the thermostat

Expense: Free if you’re handy (and also plan on recycling the same device); up to $250 for a brand-new programmable device, plus an additional $90 for an electrician to install it.

There’s a Puddle of Water Next to my Heater
Feasible reason: During regular operation, the system produces dampness in the form of condensate. That water accumulates in a pan and spurts a line either into a floor drainpipe or condensate sump container. A build-up of water signals an obstruction or disconnection of television.

The solution: Inspect television for crimps, clogs, and also disconnections. Likewise, if the water flows right into a sump container, make certain that the sump pump remains in good working order.

Expense: Free to clean clog; $20 to change television; $40 to $110 for a new condensate sump pump.

The Air Coming Out of the Registers Does Not Feel Cold.
Feasible cause: The cooling agent lines aren’t shielded.

The repair: The exterior system is attached to the indoor system by 2 copper refrigerant lines, which ought to be covered with shielding sleeves. Make certain that they are. Likewise, the system might require its cooling agent re-charged.

Expense: $5 for protecting sleeves; as much as $150 for a system re-charge.

My Air Conditioning System Refuses to Kick On in any way.
Possible cause: The burnt-out compressor.

The fix: If the compressor stops working, the unit won’t run. The only repair for this is a pricey replacement of the tools, which includes various tiny components, brand-new Freon, as well as labor.

Cost: $600 to $1,900. It could be wise to replace your a/c if it’s more than eight years of age, or if the estimated expense of fixing is greater than 50% of the expense of a brand-new system.

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