Wood Siding – How Much Does It Cost To Repair Wood Siding?

Answer: Wood Siding Repair Cost On average, repairing wood siding costs $1,400 but can range from $200 to $5,000. Patching holes is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix at about $100 per hole.

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For years, exterior siding has actually been a feasible external covering for any home or company. For many years, wood house siding was the most preferred siding alternative. This was typically a straightforward wood clapboard. Nonetheless, vinyl, as well as aluminum house siding, have ended up being prominent choices that are very easy to care for as well as maintain. Fiber concrete is a product that lasts for years to come, is durable, and is easy to maintain.

The expense to repair a 100 sq. ft. section of harmed home siding differs, relying on the material. The typical variety for a 100 sq. ft. fixing is $100 to $1,700, with the majority of purchasers spending concerning $500 to fix 100 sq. ft. of timber exterior siding. On the low end, repairing a fracture in vinyl house siding costs $50 in products and also labor. On the high end, stucco home siding repair service standards $5,000 for labor as well as materials.


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